Our laughter causes almost every person in the restaurant at one time or another to glance our way; and we know they’re wondering what one table of women could possibly find so funny.

          What they don’t know is it can be anything from the latest shenanigans of one of our children, a work story, the hysterical comments made by the comedian of the bunch, the husband stories, the boyfriend drama or just the pure joy of being together sharing life.  I listen to each of them intently.  I watch as their expressions change when they share words of heartbreak or concern, and want so badly to have the right words to say. 

          Each of us in our own season and yet so perfectly connected.

          These women.  These funny, articulate, adventurous, sometimes crazy, sometimes irritated, sometimes searching for words themselves … are all absolutely beautiful and yet, they don’t know it.  They see the gray hair, the age spots, the extra weight, the wishing there was more weight in one place or another!  They see the negative and yet, it’s the positives that make us want to schedule the next dinner before we leave because we can’t wait to do it again.

          Why is it we can’t see our own beauty when it’s so easy to assure another of theirs? 

          Take the time to share what you see and help them understand they are beautiful and loved.  We all need it.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.”
— Ecclesiasties 3:11a


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