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I help distraught mothers who are ready to work through the pain of having an estranged child. 
You'll learn how to stop feeling consumed by the hurt, make peace with your emotions, 
and finally move forward to find joy in life even if reconciliation isn’t possible right now.

 I'm so glad you found me, together we're going to find your joy so you can finally begin living again!

Hey there, I'm Faye!

*  Wife, Mom to four humans and one Goldendoodle
*  Award Winning Published Author, Certified Life Transformational Coach, 
    and AFT  Practitioner
*  I love the beach, reading, and a good cup of tea
*  I offer a holistic coaching approach with a transformational 
   coaching style; meaning, I provide a safe environment allowing 
   my clients to share their experiences; I then ask questions, provide 
   timely and actionable feedback, and follow-up on prioritized actions.  
* I specialize in working with Mothers of estranged children.  This is a unique life 
   circumstance and I've lived it - actually, still living it.   I've learned ways to       
   not only cope but thrive in a situation I don't want to be in but at this time, can 
   do nothing about.
* I'd love to help you learn how to release the sadness, anger, and confusion of the situation and find joy once again! 

Join my private online community!
"Mothers of Estranged Children 
Help and Healing Support Group"
This is a private group for Mothers who are ready to work through the pain of having an estranged child.  Who wants to learn how to stop feeling consumed by the hurt, make peace with emotions, and move forward...finding joy in life even if reconciliation isn't possible right now.

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