One of our boys is a Photographer / Videographer.  He’s quite talented, and that’s not just a Momma boasting, really he is.  Throughout the years I have learned a bit about his craft, a tiny morsel of his knowledge.  That knowledge has been helpful in several areas of life, not just with taking pictures.  I remember one particular time when I wanted to take a photo of another one of the boys and he said, “Mom, move over a little.  If you don’t you’ll get that guy in the shot.”  I was so focused on what I wanted to see that I didn’t really see that if I took that picture, I would have had some random man in a photo that I might want to display in our home.  Another thing I’ve learned is that I enjoyed being oblivious to “continuity errors”, he pointed one out and now I seem to observe them quite often, I also point them out to others-much to their dismay.  In case you don’t know, a continuity error is the inconsistency of people, objects, and places seen by the viewer of a video/movie/tv show.  It’s when in one scene you see the windshield smashed on a car, but in the next scene it is whole again – it’s an error in editing. 

     It’s amazing what we take in when we choose to observe instead of just look.  Observing requires careful viewing and study of a person/object/situation in order to gain knowledge of what’s going on. Observing gives a clear picture and then allows for a knowledgeable response instead of just reacting.  How different our world would be if we all observed, and better still, if we realized our reactions are not only seen by others but we impact their world by those reactions.  Our children are especially impacted, and one day will have to choose if they will respond or react…we must all ask ourselves, “What kind of example am I setting"?

“I thought about what I had seen;
I learned this lesson from what I saw.”
— Proverbs 24:32


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