“I know someone who would love you.”  This said years ago by a guy I dated a few times, but quickly realized we would be nothing more than friends.

“Uh, no.  You are not setting me up with one of your buddies.”  A few weeks later I would in fact, be meeting the guy who was “sure to love me”.  You see, my friend brought him to one of my volleyball games.  Apparently he thought that the best possible place to introduce us would be a gym, after I’d been playing volleyball.  Seriously-who does that?!  I will say I was quite impressed as, this guy was not only cute but had the best biceps I had ever seen.  (True story).  We were married many years ago today; and today has been filled with countless memories from over the years.  I can say I love him more now than I ever thought I could and it’s not just the, “really great arms” kind of love. 

It’s the, “rocky start, but stick with it”; the, “I don’t know why, but I’ll try to change”; it’s, up all night with babies crying and bills left over with no money left.  It’s the, “I want this and you want that”; the, “I don’t know what to say and the saying too much”. 

It’s, “I’m sorry, and forgive me”; the, rolling eyes and “you crack me up”.  It’s, car accidents and hernia surgeries, the late night talks and sleepless nights.  It’s medical issues and “it’ll be ok”; the, “you need to sit down so I can say this” and “here we go” and “what a mess.” 

It’s Christmas Eve at 2AM and hockey tables across the yard; it’s 6 foot Santa’s and little elves.  It’s milk bottles and big wooden wheels.  It’s letter H’s and decking the halls. 

It’s the, lay on the couch and watch TV.  The, fall asleep on your chest as your arm falls asleep.  It’s the, “I had garlic so you need to, too” and the, “You said you only wanted one bite, didn’t you?”  It’s, home renovation and broken sinks; it’s roof icicles and pipes that leak.  It’s cold hot water and second shift.  It’s minivans and a truck with a 5-inch lift. 

It’s family time and beach vacations; it’s watching our boys as they grow.  It’s giving advice and holding our tongues; and realizing we’ve taught them enough to know.

It’s, “Pray for me, I’ll pray for you”; it’s watching how we make it through.  It’s all these things and so much more, and even things we didn’t ask for.

It’s funny those arms that I noticed first, have held me close for many years; and it’s my prayer that for many more, those arms will greet me when I walk through the door.

You are my always, and I love you so.

Happy Anniversary Tommy Lee Hartzell.

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”
— Song of Solomon 6:3


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