The words, “Your eyes show the strength of your soul” came to my mind and although I know I read it in a book, which one I cannot recall. 

     I’ve been feeling out of touch lately and realize two things I miss.  One - face to face interaction and two - phone calls.   I’m not sure when it happened, but texting has become the “norm”.  For some reason, I actually feel bad about making a phone call to a friend or family member.  Why is that?  Years ago, I spent hours on the phone talking with friends.

     Don’t get me wrong, texting is great – especially when a quick answer to a question is all that’s needed.  There is however, something genuine about seeing a person’s face when having a conversation, hearing the fluctuation in that person’s voice, or the silence that allows you to recognize their sadness or need for a listening ear.  Maybe I’m just getting old, or maybe I’m willing to say what other people are feeling but aren’t willing to express themselves.  I tend to be asked to be the “voice” when others want something conveyed – this is both a blessing and a curse, trust me. 

     I’m not having a pity party, I promise; but I am working through why I haven’t felt quite right and am taking steps to fix it.   I guess I’m sharing this because I still feel we are very connected, disconnected society; and maybe if we start making true, real life connections, we’ll all be better off.  Maybe the eyes we see across from us will show strength; or maybe we’ll see a weakness that by being in that moment together, we can help strengthen.  Maybe we all need to spend more time together "doing life" instead of seeing pictures of what everyone's life appears to be. 

     This week I dropped something off at a friend's house and it happened to be during bath-time of their little ones.  It's been a long time since I helped with jammies or bedtime routines; and I found great joy in the simple task of brushing a little girl's hair.  I also remember the nights of more water on the floor than in the tub, and joy wasn't quite my reaction.  I was apologized to because the laundry basket wasn't put away and assured that "straightening up" was the goal before I got there but it hadn't happened; and yet, I didn't see the laundry basket until it was pointed out, nor did I see a messy home.  What I saw was the controlled chaos of a busy family, children who squealed in delight when water splashed out of the tub, and sweet moments of well-loved blankets being held close. 

     Another evening, another family, and just forty minutes were able to lift my spirits as we chatted about upcoming adventures, laughed at the wit of a 12-year old, and listened to a few moments of piano music being played!  The funny thing, once again, I didn't see anything other than the smiles of friends.  Ordinary moments and yet, they reminded me how special everyday moments truly are.  I left each of these homes feeling refreshed and looking forward to "sharing life together" again, and hopefully soon.


“This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us be full of joy and be glad in it. ”
— Psalm 118:24



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