There were six cars in front of me as I reached for my security tag.  Checking the side pocket of my purse, having no luck and feeling annoyed, I opened the large compartment.  Nothing.  Realizing I needed to get it quickly as there were now only three cars in front of me; I carefully open the second compartment and that’s when I realized I must have forgotten it.  I then recognized I would have to press the dreaded “Assistance” button as I approached the gate.  Without my ID, I must buzz Security, prove who I am by reciting my employee id number, give my supervisors name, and wait for the “all clear” as the barrier gate arm then rises, allowing me to pass through; all while a line of cars forms behind me.  I know that someone in that line is saying to themselves, “Really, you know you need your ID – why don’t you have it ready?”  I know this is the case because I have said that very thing as I’ve waited for someone who has misplaced their tag.  In the future, I will certainly be more patient.

      The moment the arm began its upward journey, I was through the gate.  It then dawned on me that I also needed it to enter my building.  Although I typically am surrounded by people, this morning I was alone and had to wait at least four to five minutes for someone to arrive allowing me to enter behind them.  I got to my area, unlocked the door, plopped my purse and bag down on the desk; and proceeded to go downstairs to the café for a much needed cup of hot tea.  I normally make my own, but this morning I needed “Barista made vanilla chai.” 

      Upon returning with my steaming cup of vanilla goodness; I moved my purse and saw, much to my surprise, my ID tag - neatly tucked in the holder that is clipped to the handle of my purse so that I don't need to search for it at the gate.  I shook my head and rolled my eyes.  My first thought being, “Of course.  Of course it’s right there, where it belongs, just waiting for me to grab it.”  My second thought was, “I could have saved myself some irritation and about 11 minutes and then; I couldn’t help but think, what else have I overlooked because I haven’t taken the time needed to see what is right in front of me?” 

      I’m typically an observer.  I like to watch things and get a feel for what’s going on before I jump in and “do”; but I’ve also become a “doer”, so if I see a problem and either know, or are told the solution, I want to get it done so that I/we can move forward.  Not everyone is like this, and not everyone appreciates this.  I’m still trying to find the balance - better than I used to be - but still a work in progress.

      Sometimes we don't see things because we're in too much of a hurry and aren’t focused.  Sometimes we don't see things because we simply don’t want to. 

      There are times when truly seeing what's happening in our lives means we have to take action; and sometimes taking action is uncomfortable, and sometimes it's downright hard.  It may seem easier to ignore an issue.  The problem with ignoring is, just as I did without my ID, we end up getting stopped at "gates" in life and can't pass through until we take the time to see everything in front of us and deal with it.

“When I saw, I reflected on it. I looked and received instruction.”
— Proverbs 24:32


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