Lately I’ve had several, “You’re Getting Old When Moments”.  You know the things when you were younger and you heard someone say and you thought to yourself, “Seriously, they are old!”    Trust me when I tell you, at least three of the exact things I used to question, I now believe wholeheartedly. 

#1 – Birds are amazingly beautiful and can teach us a great deal. 

     I used to wonder why my Grandmother loved watching birds and why my Mother loved Hummingbirds – they are now one of my favorites, along with the Goldfinch.  My dear neighbor Elaine, who has been like a Grandmother to our boys, has several bird feeders in her yard and faithfully feeds them all year long.  A few years ago we began purchasing bird houses.  We have a few surrounding our home and, one in particular I am able to see perfectly from my favorite spot on the couch in our “blue room”, as we call it; an addition we built that has many windows and a fireplace.  This birdhouse has three levels and several sections per level.  I actually call it “the apartment building,” and lovingly refer to its occupants as our “tenants”.  Countless moments have been spent watching the activities that go on through the various seasons.  I’ve watched in amazement as Momma and Papa birds have inspected and taken much time in choosing which apartment they would like to make their home.   I’ve often wondered what makes them choose one over another.  I mean really, they’re all the same size and as a bird, having wings they don’t have to worry about the third floor being too difficult to get to.  I’ve watched as they’ve removed the last tenants “debris” and have been fascinated with the types of things we’ve found on the sidewalk; anything from yarn to dryer lint to Easter grass in December!   The care that is taken to enter when the eggs have been laid is amazing.  Prior to entering the apartment, they actually look from side to side several times.  It’s as if they’re making sure predators aren’t watching where their sweet babies are, even though the entrance circle is too tiny for most animals to get in.  I’ve also become a member of a Facebook Group whose name this year is, “Pennsylvania Bald Eagle Family 2016.”  I’ve been a member for a few years and every year I watch in anticipation of when the Eagles decide if they will return and allow us the privilege of viewing (via webcam) the activities of the nest.   My dear family has been very kind in allowing me to share my amusement and fascination.  Everything from the anticipation of seeing the first egg (this year there are two again!), showing them a video of a tiny mouse exploring the nest (which is about 75 feet high), and everything up to the delight of seeing the sweet little Eagles finally hatching.  It’s an exciting almost 40 days I can assure you! (Go ahead, I know someone is dying to say “Seriously, you find this fun?”)  And if you aren’t saying that, I encourage you to check it out!

#2 - I’m comfortably in my jammies at the exact same time I used to leave the house to begin a fun evening with friends; and I’m totally fine with it.

     I was placing my tea on the end table, grabbing the afghan, and settling in on the loveseat when my son came down the stairs, winter jacket in hand, saying “Ok, see ya…tomorrow I guess.  I’m heading out to meet so-and-so.”  I smiled, told him to have a good time, and after he left, looked over to Tom saying something to the effect of, “Funny – it’s almost our bedtime and he’s just heading out.”  We shared a laugh and I had to smile thinking, “Yup, you’re officially old Faye.”  This fact is solidified when my dear sister-in-law called at 9:30 pm asking, “Did I wake you?” before continuing to speak.  I’m totally ok with all of this and hope our children realize that we are perfectly content being at home and this will surely make us wonderful babysitters for our grandchildren when they need a night out! 

#3 - I watch the 20 and 30-something Mommas in my life and long for them to realize how quickly time passes, praying that they slow down and enjoy this time with their sweet little ones.

     This is an entire blog post in itself which I’m sure I’ll share sometime in the future; but trust me when I tell you, it is truer than anyone realizes when in the midst of the craziness.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Some of what I've learned:    

      I used to think life happened and I had to deal with it; I now know life happens but I choose how I will let it affect me.

     I used to think that my mistakes defined me; I now know it’s what I’ve learned from those mistakes and how I change my behavior moving forward that does.

     I used to think it was important to have a lot of friends; I now know a few true friends is all I really need.

     I used to think God was in Heaven watching my life unfold; I now know He’s actually with me, helping me through.

“For Wisdom will enter your heart and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.”
— Proverbs 2:10


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