While walking our dog, I was thinking about the two most significant holidays I celebrate - Christmas and Easter.  Don’t get me wrong, Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving Day all hold special meaning and are important…the others are certainly fun; but not nearly as significant as Christmas and Easter.

     Christmas represents when God gave us His Son; and Easter represents when His son gave His life…for me (and you).  I’ve been asked how I can say that with such certainty…how can I believe that there’s a god in heaven, who sent his son; and then his son died and came back to life, to go back to heaven and wait for us.  My response was something like this…

     I don’t believe there is a god in heaven.  I know, that THE God of Heaven, sent His Son and His son willingly came to die the most horrific death to save us.  Then that son - the Son of God, rose again; and after being seen by many, ascended back into Heaven.  I know this for two reasons in particular.  One – historical accounts.  Not just rumors or stories that are handed down from generation to generation; but actual documentation, recorded eye witness accounts of Jesus’ life, His ministry, His death AND His resurrection.  Two – because my life is living proof of someone who has been changed by the relationship I have with THE God of Heaven and His Son.   I could give countless examples of the ways I’ve seen God work in my life and if you want to know, let’s grab tea sometime. 

     If you’re still on the fence whether you believe, or if you adamantly disagree with what I’m saying, I would encourage you to check the facts – read some books, a suggestion would be, "The Case for Christ" by Lee Stroble (who, by the way, was an atheist when he began his journey to see if the stories of Jesus were real or not).  Come to our church sometime or reach out to our Pastor to chat.  (www.forkscommunitychurch.org)   You can also just talk to Him….God that is.  He’s always available.  It could start with a very simple, “God, I’m not sure you exist – can you show yourself in a way that there is no denying it’s you?”  Believe me, if you ask - He will answer; and when He does, and if you decide to listen and believe, you too will know THE God of Heaven and all the joy that comes with knowing Him.  Ask today…you’re eternity depends on it.

““Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. ”
— Matthew 7:7


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