Nothing makes me laugh more than when our boys get together.  Seriously, you never know what to expect. I’ve spent countless moments laughing so hard I’m brought to tears.  A few days ago, I found myself once again curled up on the sofa flipping through a two inch thick, six inch square book that I was given as a gift several years ago.  This book is one of the most cherished gifts I’ve ever received.  It’s special because the giver is not only a wonderful woman who is dear to me, but special because she spent many hours creating it.  It’s made of various colors and designs of paper – including some envelopes so you’re able to tuck little treasures inside.  She also took the time to bind it by hand using thin cord and a really cool stitch; and extra special is the fact that I know it was bound with love. 

     It sits on the coffee table and I’ve chosen to use it to record the various quotes, stories and happenings of our family through the years.  Things that are said and done in the everyday of life but things that I just didn’t want to forget; some of which include:

  • The time while sitting at a restaurant when Tom was on middle shift (which I absolutely HATED by the way)...Zachary & Noah were seated across from me in the booth, and Ben was by my side.  Ben was about nine years old.  Zach announced he slept in his underwear the night before, Noah said, “Yea, I slept naked”, and Ben proudly exclaimed, “Well, I slept naked - with my socks on!”  There was an elderly couple across the aisle from us who burst out laughing!   I just sat there, shaking my head, rolling my eyes and smiling.  I finally looked over and said, “I don’t know how they are able to make this stuff up so quickly!”  The woman smiled and said, “Just enjoy every minute” as the husband said, “We are.” 

  • The time while cleaning the bedrooms I found a tin, crayon box filled to the top with chewed bubble gum pieces…I never did find out whether it belonged to Jake or Zach….something I’m sure I’ll never know.

  •  While visiting my brother Art and his wife, Ben was complaining constantly about the fact that there was “nothing fun to do.”  Uncle Art told him to get the scissors from the desk.  Ben got them and when he tried handing them to Art - was instead handed a newspaper and told to cut out all of the “R”s…..Ben was not amused.

  • (2009) Ben came running in the house from outside….“Mom, did you see that?”  “What?” I asked.  “On my way in, I kicked a bee!  I can’t go back outside!”  I asked him why.  “Because he’ll sting me!” he said.   I said, “Ben he won’t sting you – he won’t know it was you that kicked him.”  His response of “Yes MOM (insert eye roll here) he will….he looked right at my shoes!” kept me laughing for days.

  • Tom:  “My back hurts”     Zach:  “What did you do?”     Tom:  “Sometimes I just move wrong.”      Noah:  “Sometimes I move like Shakira.”

     I could write pages and pages of moments like this.  Simple, ordinary moments and yet it’s those moments that have made the life I have with these boys, extraordinary.

     Mother’s Day is being celebrated in a few days and I’d thought I’d mix things up a bit – I’m going to celebrate the fact that I’m a Mom and I’m going to finally share the answer to a question that has been asked and debated for years in our home.  I’m going to tell you who my favorite child is.

     After much thought, thinking about each birth experience, reliving the hospital visits for broken bones, surgeries for hernias and ear tubes, physical therapy for ankle injuries, recalling the various things they’ve done to help around the house, the soccer tournaments in the pouring rain, the basketball games, the baseball games, the cross country meets.  I’ve finally come to a decision. 

     (Boys, I really hope you picked this week to read your Momma’s blog).

Here it is – in black and white and I’m actually giving you permission to tell your brothers, as many times as you like….

Jacob is my favorite because he was my first, he made me a Mom- something I always wanted to be and there is nothing I would rather be.

Zachary is my favorite because he has a beautiful way of knowing when someone is hurting and doing whatever he can to help.  He will listen for hours, is always ready to give a hug if needed and will go out of his way to help a friend.  He tells me to “be safe” when driving and reminds me often that he loves me.  He writes these great little morning notes to all of us periodically  – just reminding us that he loves us or to have a good day.  He’s kind and compassionate and is a tremendously talented photographer.  He’s a son a Mom can be proud of. 

Noah is my favorite because, although for many years he was quiet and reserved, he has always been my observer – silently, mentally recording everything and taking action when needed but never being overbearing; he more recently has come out of that shell and is funnier than I can even describe.  He is driven, he sets goals and does what he needs to do to meet those goals and he reminds his Momma often that he loves her.  He’s almost as patriotic as my Dad was, and has chosen a career path that makes his family proud.  #goarmy

Benjamin is my favorite, because he’s my baby – and no matter how old he gets, he will always hold that title.  He has a gentle spirit and is very compassionate.  He loves music and I enjoy every moment listening to him sing at the top of his lungs.  He is loyal to his friends, respectful and kind.  He’s following in both his brothers’ footsteps by being able to throw out “one-liners” that totally crack me up.  He’s a wonderful young man and can’t wait to see where life takes him – it’s sure to be an adventure.  

     So there you have it guys...It’s now public knowledge who the favorite is – I hope you (each) wear the title proudly as you have, and continue, to make me so thankful that God chose me to be your Mom.

Happy “You’re my favorite” Day boys, and know that your Momma will always be your biggest fan!

““Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”
— Psalm 37:4


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