“At Your Age."  Isn’t it interesting no matter what our age, when we hear those words, it tends to be a negative thing and that it starts when we’re very young?

     As a child you want to do something fun with your older siblings and are told, “You can’t at your age, you have to wait until you’re older.”

     In the teen years we’re told, “You don’t know what you want at your age – you have to wait until you live a little, then you’ll understand.”

     When you’ve “lived a little” you hear things like, “I wish I were your age, from both those younger than you and older!

     When you’ve lived a lot, they say “You can’t know what I’m going through”, as if they forget that we were once the age they are now. 

     Could it be, that not only are we hearing the words; but also believing the lies those words hold?  Words like, “Only the young are beautiful”, or “Only the old have wisdom”, or “Only those with the most “likes” are important”, or “You’ve made to many mistakes to change now”, or “You can’t do that, you’re too ________(fill in the blank)”. 

     There is a generation of young people who are so involved with technology they’re missing real live connection, a generation who is moving so quickly they’re passing so many beautiful things without seeing them, and a generation who’ve just stopped because they feel like they can’t keep up. 

     What if we decided our age is truly just a number?  What if you decided right now that you want life to change – not saying that life is “bad”; but recognizing that maybe there’s something you want to do and haven’t yet, maybe there is a hobby you’d like to begin, maybe a place you want to visit, or maybe you know you want to do something but just aren’t sure what – talk with your spouse or a friend and let them help you figure out what it is. 

The important thing is ... DO SOMETHING.

“The lazy will not get what they want,
but those who work hard will.”
— Proverbs 13:4


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