I had to stop for milk on my way home and of course, it’s located in the most distant corner of the store.  I walked past the jewelry, the greeting cards, and as I got to the clothing, I caught a glimpse of a little girl holding a princess nightgown and pleading with her Mom to buy it.  I smiled as she saw the longing in her daughter’s eyes so she put it in the shopping cart.  The girl jumped up and down, hardly able to contain her joy.  It was sweet.

     As I continued past the pet items, I recalled a shopping trip with my own mother.  I was probably eight or nine years old and we were school shopping.  Not having a lot of money meant that only a couple of items would be purchased for each of the five children in our family, so I wanted to be sure of what I picked.  I remember her pointing out a few things and wrinkling up my nose, not actually telling her I didn’t like them, but making it clear they were not good choices.  That’s when I saw it!  A light blue skirt with tiny flowers and a ruffle on the bottom.  I rushed over, grabbed it off the rack, held it to me, and instantly spun around in a circle.  I knew this would most definitely, be one of the things that would be coming home with me.  I was thrilled when she said yes, and remember being able to get the matching top too!  I wore it on picture day that year and quite honestly, any time I was allowed to.  I also know, had I not been told I couldn’t, I probably would have worn it every day.  It made happy, I felt pretty in that skirt and it was fun!  When I decided I just couldn’t contain myself I would twirl around in circles, it flowed freely and flared out into a perfect circle; it made me feel free.

     My boys have had similar experiences, not with a blue flowered skirt of course, but I can’t help but recall a certain pair of cowboy boots that would have been worn 24/7 had we allowed it.  That boy still has a way of making me smile when he puts his hands on his hips, sticks out his chest and smiles that, “You know you love me” smile.  Oh how I hope they all continue to allow themselves those few, proud, “I really am something special” moments….because they are.

     It makes me wonder, what makes some of us stop twirling?  Are we afraid of what others may think?  Do we believe the lie that as we age, we no longer are beautiful? Or is it that we’ve allowed our life experiences to take away our joy?  Having recently explored my life experiences, I’ve decided I want to have that feeling of a freely flowing skirt that flares out into a perfect circle.     

     I still wrinkle up my nose when I don’t like something; and am also known for buying dresses that twirl.  I can assure you, I’ll be twirling ‘till my body no longer allows it, because nothing quite compares to a really cute dress with a fabulous pair of shoes, twirling around in a circle.

     Twirl on my friends, twirl on.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
— John 8:36


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