I never quite understood where the idea of an egg gifting rabbit came from but I must admit, as a child I couldn’t wait to see what was in my basket Easter morning.  It’s said the Easter Bunny was introduced to America by German immigrants in the 1700’s and going back even further, rabbits were the ancient symbol of fertility and new life.  Maybe that’s where it started, and like so many things that have been altered and skewed over the years, the “new life” part was lost and the bunny remained.  I’m not interested in debating the right and wrong of lying to our children about the fictitious characters that have been created, nor am I willing to condemn someone for giving children treats in a cute basket.  In fact, I have wonderful memories of watching my own children’s faces as they unpacked their treats over the years.  I will, however, stress the importance of understanding the “new life” part.  America was founded on the basic truth of, “In God We Trust”; and it’s in that trust, we find new life.

     If you’re reading this sentence it means you probably haven’t been offended, are not concerned that this post will be “too religious”, or you’re looking for ammunition to blast me within an email.  Regardless, I’m happy you’ve continued.  The new life given when one believes that the event creating “Easter” actually occurred isn’t a religious thing, it’s a relationship thing.  It’s having a listening ear when you feel there is no one to turn to; it’s learning that helping and loving others is what life is really about; and it’s finding peace when the world’s noise is deafening.  It’s knowing you’re loved and the love given is unconditional, it’s guidance when you can’t seem to find your way; and it’s a life spent having the Creator of all things part of your every day – helping you through the craziness of it all.    It’s having no fear in death, because eternity awaits.

     In a world where we are bombarded with negativity and death on a daily basis, I find it fascinating that so many are opposed to the new life that is found when one comes to recognize that Jesus is real and just waiting to be invited in.  Is it that humans want so badly to be in control that they are unwilling to acknowledge who gave that control in the first place; or is it the fear of relinquishing that control?  I’m convinced the reason evil people oppose true Christian living is because they realize the power one has in Christ, and that power is stronger than anything they’ve got; why else would the crusade against Christians continue; if God isn’t real why don’t they just let Christians alone with their delusion?  I also believe deep down people recognize the power of God, as churches are full and the media speaks of prayer when anything “really bad” happens.  Imagine if we lived every day with a prayerful, helping others attitude?  Maybe we wouldn’t be bombarded with negativity and death on a daily basis.

     It’s not rules and regulations or having to show up to a certain building on Sunday Morning.  It’s believing that Jesus was and is the Son of God.  That he died, was buried and rose again on the third day and asking Him to forgive and save you – to be with you through this life and accept you into the next.  It’s the new life in Him that makes this Sunday, and what it represents, something to celebrate.


“As for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, and in the end He will stand on the earth.”
— Job 19:25


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