Realizing I had just enough time to run downstairs, switch the laundry and actually fold it, you can imagine my disappointment when I opened the washer lid to find the cycle had not actually run.  Lifting the lid and allowing it to slam shut started the cycle again and I moved on to the dryer to start folding; only to find it was still damp.  We have had a love/hate relationship for some time – my laundry appliances and I.  Heading back upstairs to inform everyone that there was a malfunction, I was once again asked why we “just don’t buy a new set”. 

“Well, it’s not that it’s totally broken – I just forgot to slam the lid; and the dryer, well, it needs an extra twenty minutes or so.  They still work,” I said.

The boys reply, “It’s ridiculous – we should just get new ones.”  “Yea, really.”

“When the heater is paid off,” was my reply.  We budgeted to replace the roof but hadn’t planned on needing a new furnace two months later.  I could deal with a faulty washer lid and extra drying time until we were able to pay for new ones. 

Fast forward a few days.

While sitting at dinner, I was handed a pamphlet depicting a front load washer and dryer.  “Really guys, we just can’t buy new ones right now.” 

“We know, that’s why we bought them for you.”

Insert confused look.  “What?”

“Yea, the three of us, we chipped in and bought a new washer and dryer.”

“Um, WHAT?! You did not!”

Smiling proudly, each one shaking his head in agreement that they did in fact, purchase a washer and dryer for us. I should clarify that they really purchased it for me, as my dear husband has not done a single load of laundry in his entire life.  I have however, taught each of the boys how to operate the machines as someday, they will either live on their own and need to know, or, I will have daughters-in-law who may be happy that I made them learn this life skill. 

After a few tears, group and individual hugs, I retreated to the basement to check the dryer.  The laundry was now dry and I couldn’t help but smile that this would be one of the last loads I would have to dry twice.

Fast forward another few days.

Time for the installation.  With a blizzard wreaking havoc outside, Tom and I (mostly Tom) set out to accomplish this.  All went surprisingly well – until we started the washer.  A few moments later, water began pouring out of the bottom.  We hit the stop button, checked the troubleshooting guide - which didn’t address the issue, and thought “Great, here we go”.  After the shop vac was used to clean up the mess, Tom found a small black compartment on the bottom, left-side front that he discovered wasn’t closed tightly – with a few turns we were back in business.  I must tell you, this was a “You know you’re getting old when” moment.  There we sat on the basement floor, Tom leaning up against the old washer, me - tucked in front leaning against him, watching the washer go through its first cycle.  I could see our reflection in the front glass and had to smile.  Had anyone told me twenty years ago that one day I would be completely content sitting on a basement floor, watching a washer go round and round, I would have told them they were crazy.  Yet, there I was and there’s no place I would have rather been.   Our children saw a need and without any prompting, made a significant purchase; we had relatively no issue installing it, and I will no longer have to take extra time to do the laundry.  I must also tell you that every time I use that washer and dryer I am thankful.  Thankful especially for the amazing boys I’ve been blessed with. 

Thank you Zachary, thank you Noah and thank you Benjamin.

I may or may not admit if I know which one of the boys checked out where the “lost socks” go – you know, the washers bottom, left-side, front compartment.  ;)

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord. ”
— Psalm 127:3a


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