Is Life What You Thought It Would Be?  
If Not, I Can Guide You In Changing It!

There are two things you NEED to know.

Think of your brain as if it's a filing cabinet and it stores the information you gather in file folders.  Every experience you have is like a movie clip and the clips become episodes.  The episode is then interpreted by your brain (it makes meaning of it) and then it becomes a file. 
Your brain chooses what meaning that file has and what action, if any, it's going to take.  

Your brain makes judgments on the clips in the files.  The meaning assigned to the file is what determines your life, as those meanings create your action and reaction to the world around you.  The meaning you give it is what it becomes.  

What you need to know:

Your brain, that voice in your head, cannot be trusted!
Well, at least not until you evaluate if the voice is yours.

You've been hearing it for years, possibly your entire life, it's a loop that plays over and over. 

Your brain is an organ that is shaped by experiences and is shaped to respond to the experience that you are having at any given time. Negative childhood experiences can set our brains to constantly feel danger and fear and it tries to make those feelings go away.  As you grow up, even though your brain is more stable, the early traumatic experience may still cause changes that make you hyperalert to danger, still cause your brain to get confused, and leads to

Information courtesy of Faye Hartzell