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Is There Enough?
Children's Book
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Noah is curious and watches everything. He asks questions when he doesn't understand and also searches for answers. Something exciting is happening at his house. He has checked the dining room, the living room, and the bedrooms but he still wonders, is there enough?

Freedom Run
$ 14.99 FREE shipping

For many years the pain of the past was like an invisible chain; the links of that chain were reminders of childhood trauma. Those links, bound so tightly together, would allow her to be an active participant in daily life but kept her tethered to a wall of shame.

She tried to find the key to freeing herself from that wall; but each time, she'd feel the familiar tug and realize she wasn't going anywhere.

Who knew a pair of sneakers would be the beginning of deliverance?

This memoir is about so much more than running a race.

Be Sweet
Children's Book
$ 13.99 FREE shipping

How can it be in just one day, so many things don't go his way?
Blocks falling down and tons of bubbles, with paper airplanes causing trouble.
A little boy and his treasure map, seeking adventure while his siblings nap.
These are things that cause a mess, throughout the house and Mom must guess;
what she will do with her dear boy ... and how will he clean up all the toys?
Faye Ellen Hartzell, Pennsylvania

Email:  fayehartzell@gmail.com